Is Becoming a Realtor Worth It?

A real estate agent, realtor, or real estate broker is an individual who acts as a representative of buyers or sellers of real estate. An agent can work by themselves, but most often an agent works for a licensed real estate brokerage under a broker registrant. These agents are registered brokers in their own state but are licensed in another state. There are some that are not licensed but are “asset-based” brokers meaning they receive a percentage of the money the house sells for, but they are not permitted to negotiate the contract or complete the closing. While there are no laws governing these types of agents, many states have rules and regulations regarding these activities in order to protect the consumer and ensure fair dealing for both parties.

How Do I Become a Realtor?

The requirements to become one vary from state to state, so it is best to check with the Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors to determine the specific requirements to acquire the license as a real estate agent. There are also training and education programs that must be completed to be licensed. Often these are state-approved and are part of the Realtor or Broker Code of Ethics. In order to successfully complete the training program, the agent must pass the NAR test or the Real Estate Certified Exam.

Online School For Realtor Careers

Perhaps the most convenient way of getting your real estate license is attending online schools for real estate. These programs will give you the training you need to meet your state’s requirements for becoming a licensed real estate agent. If you decide that this is the career path for you, then online schools are your best bet. Whether you want to earn your associate’s degree online or earn your bachelor’s degree in real estate, online schools will prepare you for what it takes to get hired.

Students can take up the 3 required pre-licensing classes at a real estate school or university. This satisfies the legal educational requirement for the real estate license. It is also worth noting that most accredited real estate schools also offer college-level classes to those who prefer to take it online. For students interested in pursuing post-secondary education, pre-licensing hours are not a hindrance as many schools now offer online programs.

When Must I Complete My Realtor Training?

Realtors and real estate brokers must complete their pre-licensing training every two years or as ordered by the National Association of Realtors or the states’ attorney generals. In order to be able to sell or buy a house, real estate agents must meet the minimum licensing requirements and obtain their certificate or exam. This helps ensure that these individuals are well-informed about real estate and the requirements to purchase and sell property. It also gives them the training they need to pass the state licensing exam. Once they are licensed, real estate agents have the responsibility to help home sellers and buyers to find a suitable property, answer questions from potential home buyers or sellers and make buying or selling decisions according to the real estate agent’s understanding of the local market.


In this competitive world, real estate agents are in constant demand. Their services range from buying, selling, renting, or advertising a property. The real estate agent has to be able to identify a good property at a good price, and then find people who want to rent or buy that property. Also if the agent’s client wants to sell his property, he has to be able to advise his client on the various aspects of selling a property. Most agents work on a commission basis, which means that their only source of income is the money that they get from the people that they help sell or buy the property.

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